Dog sniffs out 8-foot python in Florida Everglades

Talk about a good boy! A dog has been used to sniff out an eight-foot Burmese Python in the Everglades.

The invasive pythons are doing a lot of harm to the environment. The top predators are eating their way through the Everglades – taking out natural species.

While the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) already pays people to find and kill the giant snakes, they’ve recently enlisted the help of dogs.

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FWC says two dogs have gone through extensive training. They’ve learned that once they recognize and alert to the scent of the python, they’ll get a reward.

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 A lab named Truman tracked its first python in the wild last week. The team hopes that’s just the beginning as they roll out their new weapon to detect the hard to find snakes.

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