Driver arrested after taking Florida troopers on multi-county high speed chase down I-4

Florida Highway Patrol arrested four people after they took troopers on a wild ride on I-4. It started in Volusia County with a stolen vehicle and ended in Orange County with the arrests last weekend at around 11 p.m.

Dashcam shows the silver SUV hitting the wall of the Express Lane between Anderson Avenue and State Road 436. The driver almost hits others, as he cuts them off as well. We talked to retired FHP Chief Joe Lopez who said, "Very dangerous, very dangerous especially if you're driving down the roadway, and an innocent person trying to get to someplace."

Dashcam shows the SUV speeding on the shoulder. Investigators say, the driver made several U-turns on State Road 436, trying to get away from troopers, as he traveled through the City of Maitland.

According to investigators, he ran several red lights and drove in the wrong direction at Keller Road and Maitland Blvd. He then crossed a grassy median and collided with a traffic sign and tree near the entrance to EB I-4. Dashcam shows the tail lights in the distance.

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Troopers arrested Joshua Cummings and three others, for grand theft and resisting an officer, after they tried running away from the scene. 

"They never end up getting away." And if you happen to see someone speeding past you on I-4. Lopez says you shouldn’t brake, He has other advice too, "Stay where you’re at. Don’t change lanes back and forth trying to anticipate where that person’s going to go. Always stay in the right lane unless you're going to pass."

He tells us about a squad dedicated to catching speeders on I-4. "The goal is, to keep the roads open, flowing traffic, and keep motorists safe." 

The fine for going 30 to 49 mph over the speed limit is $354 plus court costs. FHP has given out 6500 citations FOR SPEEDING ON I-4 SINCE 2021. That's from Longwood to the theme parks.