Driver injured after van crashes into Maitland home

It was a wild scene after a van crashed into a Maitland home on Thursday afternoon, sending at least one person to the hospital. 

Emergency crews responded to the scene on Lightning Trail, where a witnesses told fire officials that the driver of the van was traveling at a high rate of speed down the road and then lost control and struck the house. 

Fortunately, there was no one inside the house. The two children who live there were at school when this happened, but the driver was injured and taken to the hospital as a trauma alert. It took three different agencies to get him out of the van.  "He struck a garage area, pretty significant damage to the van and house. He was actually pinned in the van by structural members of the house. It took 30 minutes to get him out," said a spokesman with the Maitland Fire Department.

Authorities say the people who live inside the home should be able to remain there.  There is a building inspector on scene to make sure everything is safe and structurally sound.