Emaciated puppy recovering at a veterinary clinic

Ray is a 10-month old black-mouthed Cur that is emaciated.  He’s a sweet and social puppy.  Dr. Frances Ramirez, Owner of the Country Oaks Veterinary Clinic said a client found Ray late last week and brought him in for care. 

"I was just in shock. Angry! It’s like you get sick to your stomach," she said.  "I’ve never seen a dog this skinny before at this age that doesn’t have, like, a deadly or fatal disease."

Dr. Ramirez explained that they have no idea where he came from, but he was showing signs of starvation.  He put on about nine pounds this past weekend, but he is supposed to be about 25 pounds heavier than he is now.   He’s so thin, they’re feeding him very carefully, about a half-a-cup of food every hour.  

"How could this have happened?" Dr. Ramirez asked.  She added that they have been in touch with the Humane Society and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.  They are asking for your help to find who may have done this.  "We’re trying to find tips to see if he was lost, or if someone knows how this could’ve happened.” 

For now, this puppy is on the months-long road to recovery.   "I actually think, overall, he’s going to be very healthy," Dr. Ramirez said.  

He is also close to a stable condition that would allow him to be placed in a "forever" home.  If you would like to help Ray, call the Country Oaks veterinary clinic at 352-347-7387 or 352-821-2912.