Fan who watched '45 World Series loss still roots for Cubs

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The last time the Cubs played for a World Series title, it was 1945.  Harry S Truman was president, gas was 15 cents a gallon, and Joan Petitti was 12 years old.

"We were living in Illinois and my dad liked to take us kids into games," Petitti said.  "He was a great sports fan."

That year, the Tigers and Cubs would play the deciding game at Wrigley Field.  Petitti was in the stands.

"It was just a very exciting thing for a kid to do be able to go in the World Series," she continued.

She still has the ticket stub in near pristine condition.  "It was $1.20," she recalled.

It's been 71 years since the Cubs lost the '45 World Series.  It happens to be the same year the supposed "curse of the Billy goat" started.  The Cubs haven't been back -- until now.

"Go Cubs; win tonight! They need to break that curse," Petitti continued.

She'll be watching the finale at her home in St. Pete Beach, hoping her Cubs make history by topping the Indians in Game 7.