FHP cracking on motorcycle stunt riders after deadly crash in Brevard County

Video sent exclusively to FOX 35 News by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) shows motorcyclists on a joyride through Orlando, troopers say.

The video is from last July.  Not one, but two motorcyclists hit the ground on Colonial Drive, according to investigators, and one of them died. 

Another video, which police said shows a motorcyclist jumping the Main Street drawbridge in Daytona Beach during Bike Week, has law enforcement concerned.  They say both videos are examples of a growing trend of stunt riding in Central Florida.

 "The theory that they’re not hurting anybody, that they’re not scaring anybody, that they’re not intimidating anybody, that’s not true," said FHP Troop D Lt. Kim Montes.

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Wednesday morning another motorcyclist was killed while riding on Interstate 95 in Brevard County. FHP said he was standing on the seat of the bike with arms out to the side, surfing at full speed. Troopers said he started to wobble and was hit by two SUVs and possibly and other cars after that. It was all witnessed by a trucker, Montest said.

"It was horrific for the truck driver to see."

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Lt. Montes said these bikers are not only putting themselves in danger but other drivers as well especially at night.

"If they’re doing wheelies, an oncoming car can’t see their headlights because now the headlight is up and pointed to the sky."

Unfortunately, FHP often doesn’t make contact with the riders until a crash has already happened. Now they’re putting out a warning to stunt riders.

"It’s dangerous and if they don’t care about their lives, we have other drivers that care about theirs. That’s why we want to make sure that nobody else does this."

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