First father and daughter to serve in Florida Legislature at the same time

A central Florida father and daughter will make history by serving in the state legislature at the same time.  Victor Torres and his daughter Amy Mercado were both winners at the polls Tuesday night.

“He started it, and it’s become a family affair for sure,” Mercado said about politics in the family.

She will represent District 48 in the Florida House, which was her father’s old seat. Torres will shift into the Florida Senate for District 15.

“It’s good, a new experience and looking forward to getting up to Tallahassee,” Torres said.

Mercado says she'll bring a simple message.

“Just for folks to understand that it's not always so complicated, people really just want to find a good job, good healthcare and good education,” she explained.

Torres and Mercado say they're trying to set an example for the next generation. Younger family members have been campaigning with them and going door-to-door. 

“The more they see that we're engaged, the more they will be engaged,” Mercado told FOX 35.

And they’re already looking to their next generation. We asked if one of Mercado’s kids could be running next.

“One of them is a political science major so we'll see,” she said. “Maybe that one… but who knows.”

Torres and Mercado will be sworn in later this month.