Florida family of 8 sets out to live life on the road in an RV

The Fay family, of Leesburg, Florida, played their favorite card game at the dinner table on Tuesday night, but their quarters were a little more cramped than usual.  That's because a 300-square-foot RV is their new home for the foreseeable future as they leave everything behind for life on the road.

"We were just talking one night while we were watching a show and we said, 'what about an RV? We could take our home wherever we want,'" said Ricky Fay.

They sold their house and bought an RV that they've already been living in for a month. Later this week, Ricky and his wife Krista will step out of their comfort zone, loading up all six of their little ones for a journey across America.

"We love our kids, we love other people and we're so excited to go all across America; just loving people and seeing how we can really make a difference everywhere we go," Fay said.

Krista says she'll continue to home school the children while Ricky, a former tradesman, will pick up jobs along the way to support the family on top of the money they've already saved.

"We wanted the experience for our kids, as well as us, to be able to see these things and touch nature and experience history hands on,” Fay said.

The Fays will document their experience on their website called simplelifefullhearts.com. They say their goal is to spend quality time together as a family on the road.  

“I don't think we're ever going to regret making the decision to have simplicity because the gain is so much more than what we're giving up," Fay said.

The family plans to head toward the Florida Panhandle first.