2 fathers shoot each other's daughters during Florida road rage incident, sheriff says

Frank Allison, William Hale

Two fathers are accused of shooting each other's young daughters during an apparent road rage incident in Florida.

William Hale, 36, and Frank Allison, 43, are both facing attempted murder charges for the incident that unfolded near Jacksonville on Oct. 8, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office said.

According to an arrest report, Hale and Allison were riding in separate vehicles with their families when they had a driving dispute. Witnesses told deputies that the two men were "brake checking each other" and appeared to be in a "cat and mouse" game while driving erratically on US Highway 1. 

Deputies said they spoke to Hale, who was driving a black Dodge Ram. They said Hale told them he was involved in a road rage incident with a Nissan Murano, driven by Allison. 

The report states that Hale and his family were driving back to Georgia from Jacksonville when Allison reportedly attempted to run him off the road. Someone in Allison's vehicle began flipping off Hale and then someone in Hale's truck threw a water bottle into Allison's vehicle, the report stated.

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Moments later, the report says Hale said he heard a "pow" and his 5-year-old daughter was shot in the leg. 

He then says he grabbed his pistol and fired "everything that was in the clip" at Allison's vehicle. One of the rounds struck Allison's 14-year-old daughter in the backseat, who suffered a collapsed lung, the report stated. 

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Both drivers then found a law enforcement officer who was parked on the side of the road and pulled over. You can watch bodycam video of the incident here. 

During a news conference, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said that when both men got out of their vehicles, they began fighting and a deputy had to break them up. Both men were arrested.

"There could've been two dead kids cause of two stupid grown men," Sheriff Leeper said.