Florida man posed as US Marshal, with flashing lights and siren on truck: deputies

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy pulled over a man who is accused of posing as a U.S. Marshal. 

The sheriff's deputy was getting gas when he saw a pickup truck go by with lights and a siren he didn't recognize. So he followed it down the road and pulled the driver over, and it was a good thing he did.

Derry Lambert was pulled over on Highway 301 in Marion County. His truck was outfitted with flashing lights and a siren similar to the ones used by law enforcement officers. Lambert told the deputy he was U.S. Marshal on assignment in Florida from Texas.

"I work at a Texas, but they got me down at Florida right now. Looking into Marion Oaks," Lambert claimed. "There's two gang members, two gangs out there that are riding on a four-wheeler with a pole on it, busting into people's houses."

The story just didn't add up, according to the deputy. After a while, an actual U.S. Marshal showed up, who was assigned to Marion County. He then grilled Lambert.

"So where do you work out of Texas?" the Marshal asked. "Dallas," Lambert replied. "Dallas? What's your district?" "...district, what do you mean?" "Well," the Marshal said, "if you're a US Marshal, you would know your district."

Deputies found a gun in the car and medications for which Lambert did not have a prescription. They said it was a good thing some real-life law enforcement got Lambert off the streets.

"The public places a lot of trust in us. We recognize that. There's a great deal of power and control here from a law enforcement standpoint to keep the peace. When someone is trying to interfere with that unlawfully, we take it very serious," said Marion County Sheriff's Office Lt. Paul Bloom.

Lambert is facing a laundry list of charges stemming from allegedly impersonating a law enforcement officer. Deputies are asking anyone who he may have contacted while posing as a US Marshal to please give them a call.