Florida principal allegedly wrote $100K check to 'Elon Musk' in apparent scam

A principal at a charter school in Oak Hill stepped down after she allegedly wrote a $100,000 check with school funds to a person she believed to be Elon Musk.

Dr. Jan McGee has served at Burns Science and Technology Charter School for 12 years. At the most recent board meeting, tensions rose as three members of the administration filed their resignations in light of the incident.

In an effort to keep them employed, McGee countered by resigning herself. The board accepted the resignation. The other three leaders decided to stay on board.

Albert Amalfitano, board chair said he was confused by the situation as a whole. He said, according to school by-laws, she was not allowed to sign a check for more than $50,000 in the first place.

He also said she did the transaction without telling anyone else on the staff.


"That’s kind of a little shady as far as I’m concerned, but the investigation is going to tell everything," he said. Amalfitano and others were skeptical of the facts as McGee presented them.

"It's a tough story to believe and if that’s the case, then she was really, really, really scammed," he said.

FOX 35 attempted to reach McGee for comment on Wednesday, but was unsuccessful. 

As it stands, Amalfitano said they were instructed by law enforcement that there are no legal ramifications up to this point because the money was never pulled. That could change after further investigation into her actions.

There is a meeting among the board next week. There, they will discuss options for a third party investigation into the matter. The findings of that investigation will determine how the school moves forward.

Amalfitano made it a point to highlight he doesn’t believe the funds were misused for her to make a personal financial gain.

The next public school board meeting is on April 25.