Foster father accused of molesting children back behind bars

Lawrence Williams walked into Volusia County court in chains Saturday morning. 

The hearing was short and to the point. It was the third time Williams stood before a Volusia County judge this week. 

He is facing new charges of sexual abuse. Williams didn't speak during the hearing, and his public defender didn't say anything either. 

Judge Robert Sanders ordered Williams not to have any contact with his alleged victim.

The state attorney said there is a fifth victim that Williams allegedly molested. The victim is under the age of 12, according to investigators. 

The state placed all these children with Williams and his wife as foster parents in Holly Hill. 

Williams appeared before a judge on Wednesday and was able to bond out, which outraged law enforcement. 

Police later found him hiding in the woods in Port Orange. Now, he's back behind bars where Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood says he should have been all along. 

"He stole their childhood," Chitwood said. "Eight years old, nine years old, 10 years old. To be subject to sexual abuse, their childhood has been stolen by this scumbag."

Williams continues to be held without bond. His next hearing is set for Monday. 

Court documents state that Williams spanked and touched these young girls inappropriately and forced them to touch him. 

Derrick Collins has worked with the foster care system for over a decade. He says the allegations are alarming but, unfortunately, not shocking. 

"We have to do better in weeding out before they even get into the system… make sure they’ll be more strenuous process and more of a background, and get to know these people before they put them in this position that they have power," Collins said.