FWC rescues bobcat with plastic pipe around neck

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Curiosity could have killed this cat, says Florida wildlife officials.  Biologists were able to rescue a bobcat after it collared itself with a plastic pipe fitting, thanks to the help of a homeowner in Englewood, Florida. 

When Michelle Emerson spotted the endangered bobcat, she called the Lakeland Regional Office for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and spoke to Wildlife Assistance Biologist Lindsay Gattman.  Gattman asked her to keep a sharp eye out if the cat returned.  FWC panther biologist Dr. Jennifer Korn volunteered to help and was able to trap the 2-year-old-female bobcat.  Once arriving on scene, Dr. Korn accessed the situation and decided the best plan of action. With the aid of biologist Josh Birchfield, she sedated the cat and removed the plastic pipe from the otherwise healthy animal.

FWC says this story is a great reminder to pick up or secure any trash or debris you may find outdoors.   If you see an animal in trouble or a wildlife violation, FWC asks that you call the wildlife hotline at 888-404-3922.