FWC wants to revoke king cobra license

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If the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has its way, Elvis, the 8-foot king cobra that was on the loose for a month in Ocoee before he was found under a dryer, could have a new home.  FWC tells FOX 35 they mailed a letter to Michael Kennedy, Elvis' owner, on Wednesday. 

In the letter FWC says they indicated to Kennedy their intention of revoking his license to possess or exhibit venomous reptiles.  According to the licensing guidelines, Kennedy has 21 days from the receipt of the notice to request a hearing.  It's a lengthy process that FWC is following.  If revoked Mr. Kennedy would no longer be permitted to own venomous reptiles in Florida. 

FOX 35 reached out to Kennedy's attorney.  He told  FOX 35 he had no knowledge of the FWC letter and expects when his client receives the letter that he'll take a look at it.