Gas prices on the decline in Florida: Why you could be paying less at the pump

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After a long, hot summer punctuated by record-breaking gas prices, you'll finally notice some relief at the pump. 

A new report from AAA revealed Florida gas prices are on the decline. Last week, the state average dropped 8 cents a gallon. 

On Sunday, it cost $3.61 on average to fill up in Florida – 14 cents less than a month ago and nearly a quarter less than the 2023 high of $3.85. That was on August 17. 

Why are gas prices going down?

AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said it has to do with the seasons changing. 

"The end of the summer driving season has resulted in lower gasoline demand, so far in September," Jenkins said. "This has enabled gas prices to move lower, even as the price of oil hovers at 2023 highs."

The decline won't stop there, AAA continued. 

"The U.S. price of crude set a new 2023 high of $91.48 per barrel on Monday, then settled at $90.03 by the end of the week," according to AAA. "Meanwhile, gasoline futures dropped nearly 20 cents per gallon, which should allow retail prices to move lower this week."


Average gas prices in Orlando

Here's a look at how much it'll cost you to fill up in Orlando this week

The current average cost per gallon in Orlando is $3.55, according to AAA. That's about 13 cents cheaper than what prices were a week ago, and nearly 17 cents cheaper than last month. 

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