Good Samaritans talk about rescuing child from near-drowning at resort

A 5-year-old girl from New York is recovering from a near-drowning after several people helped saved her life. 

It all started when a husband pulled the child out of the water after his wife realized what was happening. Then another woman also stepped in.

"I would say there was about five of us all around her," said Jenelle Marshall. 

She's talking about a little girl who almost drowned at Reunion Water Park last week.

Deputies originally said there were two good Samaritans, but Jenelle says there were more than that. 

"I helped tilt her head in an upward position to open her airway. There was a nurse across from me and she started going mouth-to-mouth."

Jenelle’s fiancé, Armoni Woodruff, says that’s when an off-duty EMT stepped in to assist the off-duty nurse. 

Their names weren’t released by deputies.

"It was just miraculous that you had someone who was highly qualified." 

And there was also someone who called 911 immediately. 

"There was a woman on the inner tube in the water and, luckily, she had her phone in the pool."

Jenelle says Reunion should have lifeguards there. Currently, there are no laws requiring them at resorts in Florida.

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A resort spokesperson released this statement saying, "Reunion Resort is currently evaluating the incident that took place on Tuesday afternoon to determine next steps. Currently, the signage throughout the water park state that there is no lifeguard on duty."

Armoni says, "I keep saying the paramedic because he’s the one who was like the angel so to speak who came out of nowhere." 

Jenelle says she got certified in CPR when she joined the National Guard and is in health administration. 

"I feel grateful for the military and I’m thankful to them for training me. I completely understand, think it’s fate and I think God put me there, put us both there at the right place at the right time."

Rescuers say the child was released from the hospital the next day. Her name was not released.

Jenelle says she'd love to meet her and her family.