Grieving mom creates foundation that helps families deal with loss of a child

An Altamonte Springs mother is turning her grief into action after she saw her 17-month old daughter killed while out for a family bike ride.

Now Shannon Zisa is making a foundation to help other families who suffer a sudden and tragic loss of a child.

Zisa takes great comfort in carrying her daughter’s ashes inside a precious bunny.

"It was the first time since all of this happened that I felt like I could hold her," Zisa said. "And it just brought so much comfort to me to feel like I could hold my baby again."

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It was June of 2019 when Shannon, her husband Dane, and 17-month-old daughter Adalyn were out for a family bike ride when Altamonte Springs Police said a car driven by Shonda Wallace jumped the curb striking the family.

Adalyn was killed and Dane suffered a severe brain injury.

On New Year’s Day, Adalyn would have turned three years old.

Her cross by the road was decorated for the occasion.

"Acts for Adalyn is my ultimate birthday gift for my new year’s baby," Zisa said.

The Acts for Adalyn Foundation is run by Zisa and two other mothers who lost toddlers.

The foundation will raise money to help support grieving families that lose a toddler in a sudden and tragic way.

Each of them will receive a stuffed bunny that has a special pocket in the back for ashes or sentimental items from that child.

"I think it will just give a mother something to hold onto," Zisa said.

Zisa said she carries her grief and her mission to memorialize Adalyn, while Dane has been in and out of the hospital – some days not even knowing who she is.

"He looked at me and said I am so proud of you," Zisa said. "And in that moment I believe he knew exactly who I was and who she was."

The next court date the family plans to attend in the case against the woman allegedly responsible for the fatal accident is February 17.

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