Group aims to bring more power to parents in school systems

"It is the time for parents to get involved," Tiffany Justice said.

Former school board members Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich are on a mission to bring back power to parents.

"We are two moms that are former school board members here in the State of Florida. We were watching things unfold over the last few months... We decided to launch an organization to bring them together, help bring them together and to empower them to have a voice at the table," Descovich said.

The two co-founded the group called Moms for Liberty

Some of their main missions include getting kids back to school and letting kids decide if they want to wear masks. 

In Brevard, they want to get theatre classes back up and running.

"They have sports open, indoor sports - like basketball, volleyball, wrestling - is happening. But they are not allowing their theatre students to perform inside," Descovich said.

In response to the group’s efforts, a Brevard County school district representative told FOX 35:

"Brevard public schools have followed a thorough reopening plan since the summer. We are focusing our energy each day to ensure our students and staff have the safest school environment possible."

But the moms are pushing back. Their goal is keeping parents in the driver's seat.

"When you need a job done, who do you ask? You ask your mom, right," Descovich said.

The founders of the group say it’s their goal to have a Moms for Liberty chapter in every school district in the country.