Hair restoration study using plasma

More than 56 million Americans have some sort of hair loss.  Now, a Melbourne doctor is part of a study that offers new hope to bring back your full head of hair without drugs or surgery.  

It's called platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP.  "It's a non-surgical, three-minute procedure," said Dr. Ross Clevens.  

You may have heard of PRP before.  Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant both used it to recuperate from knee surgery.    "Platelet rich plasma speeds healing, reduces down time, reduces bruising.  It's really a remarkable way to supercharge healing,"  said Dr. Clevens. 

First, your blood is drawn.  Then, it's put in a centrifuge which separates the plasma.  The platelet rich plasma is injected just under the scalp.  "Because PRP is derived from your own blood there is no risk of allergy, infection or disease transmission,"  said Dr. Clevens.

Kamen Jenkins is part of the study.  He says the treatment takes about 15 minutes and he should see new hair growth in three to six months.  "To be able to have a full head of hair again without really having to go through and deal with some of the pain, I was excited about the possibilities,"  said Jenkins.

Dr. Clevens is still enrolling patients in his study.  For more information you can contact his practice by clicking here.