Hammerhead bites kayaker's boat near Dana Point

As long as water temperatures remain warm, you can expect visiting sharks to stick around. This weekend, a kayaker was just inches away from a hammerhead in Dana Point.

Bill Morales was fishing for yellowtail Sunday when a hammerhead kept bumping his kayak.

He says it took a bite out of it half a mile from Dana Point's shore.
"You have the fish hanging off the string right here…and the shark came up and grabbed it," said Morales.

Morales says the nearly eight foot shark was persistent, grabbing two fish. And it didn't stop there.

“We were almost into the harbor. he was just following us, circling us, just staying with us," said Morales.

Shark sightings are becoming a lot more common off our coast.

Morales says he's seen four hammerheads in the last week.

Experts say humans aren't on the menu for sharks, but sometimes they take a bite because they confuse us for something else.

It's a taste test Morales says he's prepared for.

“If he jumps on the boat I’m going to stab him for sure," says Morales.

Shark expert Andrew Nosal says are only two hammerhead related deaths on record.

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