Homeless honors student who survived abuse is given free car

High school senior Sionna Brenn is getting the surprise of a lifetime: a brand new car. But there’s so much more to her story than this gift. Brenn is homeless, supports herself by working at Starbucks, and is about to graduate high school as an honors student.

Brenn arrived in the United States from Ethiopia when she was young, but things didn’t get any easier.

“I got adopted when I was nine years old,” she told Fox 26 Houston. “In the deepest shadows it was very abusive. Families were very harsh but I’ve overcome it through His power.”

The car is a gift from a man named Charlie Jabaley. Jabaley used to manage the rapper 2 Chainz, but when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he decided to leave the music industry and travel the country making other people’s dreams come true. That’s why he decided to give Brenn this car.

“I think I’m in a dream right now,” she said.

Next year Brenn will attend the University of Texas at San Antonio on a scholarship. Before then, she’ll need to learn how to drive and get her license. Thankfully, Jabaley says he’s happy to pay for that too.