Investigation continues into bones found behind home"

There’s a big mystery floating around in a part of rural, quiet Lake County:  What happened and whose body was found buried in the backyard of a house Monday?  That is exactly what neighbor Sally Perez is wondering. “Everybody’s scared. Nobody knows…curious," she said.

The mystery started swirling Monday, the day Lake County Deputies discovered a body buried in the backyard of 61-year-old Dennis Jones’ home in the Paisley/Lake Katheryn area. Tuesday, a Sheriff’s Deputy was in an unmarked car guarded Jones’ house.  Perez said, “We haven’t seen him, either.”

The thing is, another neighbor called deputies Sunday saying they hadn’t seen Jones in more than month.  Deputies came looking for him, but didn't find him. Investigators are calling this death suspicious.  "Could people we know be involved in it?" asked Perez. "We all wonder, you know?”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday said an autopsy was performed on the human remains, but they are still awaiting word on the identity.   Perez asked, "Who is it exactly? And, why put a body in the backyard? It makes no sense.”

A mysterious death people in the sleepy streets of that neighborhood are now forced to deal with.  "It’s crazy to me," Perez said. 

So far, a lot of people in the neighborhood have more questions than answers. Investigators are working to solve this suspicious death.