‘It was so massive’: 6.3-pound tumor removed from stray dog's leg

A stray dog found in Brevard County, Florida is on the road to recovery after a six-pound mass was removed from her hind leg.

Jasmine, an 8-year-old mixed breed dog, was found walking around Brevard County by a good Samaritan and brought to the SPCA of Brevard County, according to Shelby Montgomery, who handled public relations and communication relations for the shelter.

"I'm just almost like, speechless because it's it was so massive," she recalled.

"I saw it, I'm like, this has to I'm like, it's got to be hurting you. You know? You've got to be so uncomfortable," she said.

The mass, which ultimately weighed 6.3 pounds, was hanging from one of her back legs. On Thursday afternoon, she underwent surgery to have the mass removed. She's now resting and recovering at the SPCA (and hopefully much more comfortably than before).

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"She was just so sweet, so, so gentle, so kind. And she was just, you know, just happy that she was here and we were able to get that off of her," Montgomery said. "Like you would think, like if I had something like that on me, I would be really grumpy, really upset, really sad."

Graphic warning: Some of the photos in the gallery below show the mass, as well as what it looked like after surgery. Those photos may be too graphic or disturbing to some readers.

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Officials said a biopsy was done on the tumor, which has been sent to a lab for testing.

"We just want to make sure that it's not, you know, anything cancerous, make sure it's like benign," she said.

Jasmine will continue to recover and undergo additional care before, hopefully, being available for adoption and finding her forever home.