VIDEO: Sparks fly at The Wheel at ICON Park as ride loses power | 'It's on fire'

It was likely a scary moment for dozens of riders who were trapped on The Wheel at ICON Park in Orlando after it reportedly lost power Saturday evening. 

A witness captured video of huge sparks flying from one of the pods of the Ferris wheel ride as the incident was happening.

"It's on fire! Holy (expletive)," the person could be heard yelling. 

Orange County Fire Rescue said they responded to the attraction on International Drive around 6:20 p.m., after receiving a report of a power failure.

Firefighters climbed up the 400-foot tall ride to rescue more than 60 people trapped inside the attraction's pods.

It took hours to complete the rescue, as crews had to manually turn the ride to get people off. At least 20 of the pods were occupied at the time.

Crews said all riders were rescued from the attraction after 10 p.m. No one was hurt during the incident, officials said. 

Orange County Fire Rescue said its crews have trained for situations like this. "We have a climb team, so this is one of the attractions that they practice on," a spokesperson told FOX 35 News. "We've trained hours and hours on this type of rescue. We were ready for this."

In a statement on Saturday, ICON Park said, "The Wheel lost power Saturday night and we’re working with the Orange County Fire Department to safely evacuate guests."

No other details were immediately released.

In March 2022, Tyre Sampson died after he fell off Orlando FreeFall, a drop tower ride at ICON Park. Back in October, the park made the decision to tear down the ride after Sampson fell out of the ride's restraints. 

The teen was visiting Orlando on spring break with another family from St. Louis, Missouri. 

The ride – which was relatively new at the time – was billed as the world's tallest drop tower. It has been closed ever since his death.