Labor Day beach plans face threat of bad weather and more

On this Labor Day -- the 'last unofficial day' of Summer -- people were up early to get out on the beach, even with the dark clouds not far away.

“We love the early morning time at the beach,” said Shevon Cooper-McNeal, “the sun just coming up. It's so therapeutic for us, and we just enjoy the water.”

With even a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds, folks on the sand didn't seem worried by the threat of bad weather.

“I love the breeze,” said Corinne Gratton, “even though the water's a little rough, it's great, it's great to be here.”

Over on Atlantic Avenue, folks at the Starlite Diner were even happy about the chances of rain. The bad weather is good for business.

“We're actually busier,” says manager Kaitlyn Pelce, “if it rains, we're busy. It's weird, but what else is there to do? You either eat or you're at the beach.”

Pelce said on a day like this they'll pull in several thousand dollars of extra business. “Because of the holiday, school being closed, we're definitely busier than a normal Monday, for sure.”

Some folks there were happy for the changing seasons. “A lot of tourists are leaving,” said Rocky Lawrence, “so then I can take my walk in the mornings without stepping over somebody.”