Lake County: No guarantee second of two COVID-19 doses will be available

A concerned Lake County senior reached out to FOX 35 News after he said he became alarmed reading the fine print as he signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine in Lake County.

He said after going over the consent form, he canceled his appointment. He pointed to a line in the document.

"I acknowledge that LCBCC [Lake County Board of County Commissioners] does not guarantee that it will provide the second dose of the vaccine and that it is incumbent upon me to obtain the second dose from available sources."

Lake County officials recently opened an appointment-based site in Leesburg, which is separate from the State Department of Health in Lake County’s first come, first served distribution.

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Officials said that, despite the consent form language, they do plan on giving seniors the second shot.

"We set their second appointment. What we can do is we can tell them in three weeks, 'We're gonna see you back and if we have vaccine, you’re gonna get that second round," explained Lake County Emergency Management Director Tommy Carpenter.

Officials said that the disclaimer is in the consent form because they can’t make any promises with fluctuating shipments of vaccines from the state.

"We just can’t guarantee it’ll be on the 21st day, the 22nd day, but we're going to make that appointment. Being able to use the appointment based system – we can communicate with them," Carpenter said.

Debates about the second dose are happening nationwide. President-elect Joe Biden’s team has said he plans to release most vaccines available, and stop holding back the second shot. 

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has made his take on the matter clear.

The governor tweeted, "While there is talk at the federal level regarding how to distribute vaccine doses and whether booster shots should be ‘held back,’ Florida is committed to the two-dose regimen for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines."


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