Libertarians bring convention to Orlando

The Libertarian Party will hold its convention in Orlando through Memorial Day weekend, and they hope to grow the party in a presidential election cycle, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Party Chairman Nick Sarwark says picking Orlando to hold this Convention was done with growing the party in mind.  “Orlando is a huge destination for families. One of the things the Libertarian Party is trying to do is bring more people in. One of the things you do is bring the convention to a place people want to go otherwise.

Sarwark understands the unique position his party is in with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being the nominees of their respective parties, and the high negatives he's seen from these two candidates in polling.

Sarwark says this election has created a great opportunity for the Libertarian Party, "because the old parties have put up candidates that are so unpopular. People are looking for a way to just say no to that, and we are a way for them to say ‘no’ to the bullies in the old parties.”

The question Sarwark has to keep answering over and over, and his party has to overcome is whether or not a vote for a Libertarian candidate is just throwing your vote away?  “It’s not necessarily true because there is no vote that is thrown away. I believe that every American’s vote matters.”

The question for Libertarians is how do they become more mainstream? The answer according to the Chairman is you, the voter.  “If you look at the demographics of this country, the largest voting block is people who don’t choose to vote because they are so disgusted. The second largest voting block are people who choose not to align with the two old parties. If we just get those two blocs to vote for us, I have to go to an inauguration party.”

The Libertarian Party Convention runs through Sunday at the Rosen Center hotel. Saturday, the presidential hopefuls will debate.  Sunday, the party will select a presidential and vice-presidential candidate.