'Like a scene from the movie Twister': Wicked Florida weather causes chaos on cruise ship at port

Passengers were caught off guard by a Florida summer storm as they were boarding their ship at Port Canaveral last week.  

Cruisers weren’t even out of the port on Friday when the storm moved in quickly.  People were running to seek shelter as the chaotic scene unfolded aboard Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas. 

Jenn Stancil captured video of the storm moving in – completely covering another cruise ship in the water as people ran to safety. The passengers can be seen scrambling to get out of the pouring rain as deck chairs were flying, even hitting some people.

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Those who witnessed the mayhem told FOX 35 News that they had never seen anything like that on the water or even on land.

"It just turned crazy. It looked like a scene from the movie Twister is exactly what I thought, because you see these chairs flying up in the air," she said.

Lucas Sparrow was there with his family when the chaos unfolded.

"People were getting blown, losing their hats, towels," said Sparrow.

The entire video one passenger shared with us was only four minutes long, showing how fast weather can move in and the need for warnings to make sure passengers are safe. 

FOX 35 News reached out to Royal Caribbean about the rough weather and we asked about their protocol in such as situation. We received the following response Wednesday morning: 

"On Friday, June 16, while departing from Port Canaveral, Independence of the Seas encountered a sudden gust of high winds. This lasted for a brief period and there were no serious injuries to our guests or crew. Independence of the Seas continued its regularly scheduled 3-night itinerary, arriving to Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas, on Saturday morning, as scheduled."