Central Florida pastor says he and other pastors can help promote peace in schools

A Central Florida pastor is reacting to the recent reports of altercations between students and school resource officers (SROs) in Osceola and Lake Counties.

Pastor Stovelleo Stovall said he has been counseling kids for years and says these situations should be de-escalated before it goes too far. He wants to help deputies and teachers.

Stovall is reaching out to other pastors in the Osceola and Orange counties, so they can offer schools help by talking to the students and even deputies.

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"You’ve got to be able to see these kids as your own."

He advises deputies and teachers to immediately get rid of any crowd that forms around a fight,  then talk to both students involved.

"Listen I’m here to help. Stop here before this escalates. Stop now, before you make me use force on you. I’m the resource officer. I’m not the one your upset with. I’m not the one you're mad at. I’m the one to help you. It works." 

He believes SROs are good people but would like to see more intense situations de-escalated before turning violent.

"There’s so much tension, so much going on in the world today. Everybody needs to step back, take a deep breath, and know that look love conquers everything." 

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Pastor Stovall said he would like the pastors to be able to talk at school functions and be available for them if fights break out. 

An Osceola County school spokesperson said counselors are available to students at Liberty high this week if students need to talk.

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