Man accused of breaking into house of worship

Muhammed Elmallouki was in court on Thursday, just hours after Daytona Beach police arrested him.  He is accused of stealing a collection box from the Daytona Beach Islamic Center.

"You can not go back to the Islamic Center!" a judge said to Elmallouki, who needed an an Arabic translator in court as he speaks very little English.

Linda McGee works at the Islamic Center.  She says Elmallouki took the box early this morning and ran out the front doors.

"As the Muslims were praying, he went inside the women's area, and he took the collection box," she said. 

Two men said they saw him with the box and took off after him, calling police on the way.   Police arrested Elmallouki and returned the box, which was still full of money, back to the Islamic Center.

McGee says Elmallouki was at the mosque earlier this week and she knew something was wrong.

The judge put in a request for Elmallouki to have a mental health evaluation.  Bond was set at $2,500.