Man accused of passing fake $100 to Boy Scout

Marion County deputies have released new surveillance video of a man accused of passing a fake $100 bill to a boy scout.

Luis Licha, the father of the scout said, “We want this guy to be caught. He’s a scumbag.”

Licha and his 12-year-old son were at an Ocala Walmart on September 2, selling trail mix to raise money for his son's troop. The incident report stated the suspect bought $20 in trail mix with the fake bill, and got $80 back in change.  The report said the suspect tried to pass fake bills inside the store beforehand, but that didn’t work.

“[It] Makes me angry,” Licha explained. “Angry, because [he] took advantage of not only me, but took advantage of my son.”

During his transaction, Licha said there was something off about the whole thing.

“He was very uneasy, uncomfortable,” Licha said, “pretty much desperate to make it quick and get out.”

A short time later, another incident report said the same suspect also stole a woman’s purse while she was at a gas station in the same lot.  The Sheriff’s Office said they don’t often deal with counterfeit cases, so they’re asking for your help.

Lauren Lettelier, a spokesperson for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, said,  “We’re looking for him in all areas of Florida. He could be anywhere in Central Florida.”

Licha said he wants the man off the streets.

If you have information on the incident, call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 352-732-9111, or you can phone anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers of Marion County at 352-368-STOP (7867).