New barrier on I-4 near Disney blocks dangerous merging traffic over muddy median

In May, FOX 35 News reported on reckless merging onto Interstate 4 near Walt Disney World Resort, with drivers cruising over muddy trails where State Road 417 merges into the roadway.

Less than two months later, metal barriers have been erected to stop it from happening again.

"We would see cops sitting and stuff, it became such an issue, but yeah, the median has definitely helped with that, and that is something we noticed," said Olivia Harder, a regular commuter. "It was crazy seeing that."

People who drive the stretch daily hope blocking the dangerous short cute will help traffic flow faster, limiting the merging.

Another driver told FOX 35 that drivers are still impatient in other spots.

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"They were driving on the side of the road, on the side, literally, because it was so backed up," said Rachel Huerta.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) says it put up the barrier while it was in the area working on another project.

To help ease the infamous traffic on that stretch, FDOT added an auxiliary lane that opened Wednesday.

It stretches from the State Road 429 ramp to the County Road 532 exit in ChampionsGate.

On both sides, the lanes connect the exits, so fewer people have to merge.

"It was amazing," Harder said. "It was funny because I got home, and immediately the first thing I said to my parents was, ‘Oh my God, night and day.'"

Some regular commuters are celebrating while others say the traffic still keeps them away from the area.

"There’s a lot of shopping to do out here to do, but it’s not worth it for me," Huerta said.

While the new lanes and barricades are done, road crews could still be in the area for a while working on resurfacing the highway.

That could go on until 2024.