New documents released in murder of Orlando woman

New information has been released in the case of a former security guard who is accused of murdering a woman in her Downtown Orlando apartment.  

Stephen Duxbury, 33, is charged with second-degree murder and sexual battery upon Sasha Samsudean, 27. Police say she was found dead in her own bed at the Uptown Place Apartments back in October. They say the security guard hired to protect residents was the one who sexually battered and strangled the woman.

In court documents released on Thursday, it states that Duxbury approached Orlando police officers as they were filling out a missing person's report.  In the discovery, Officer Hector Bonilla states, "He just popped out of nowhere.  He wanted to be helpful, but because he wasn't wearing a suit, I kinda dismissed him."

Duxbury was dressed with slacks and a black, button-down shirt with flames on it.  Officer Bonilla told him he was filling out a report.  In the documents it states the officer speculated, "I didn't know, he was just lying to me to get information."

Duxbury later identified himself as the security guard. He told the officer that, "A person matching Samsudean's description earlier that morning was accompanied by a white man.  He said that she appeared intoxicated and was stumbling around the hallway. The documents state that Duxbury later came out, wearing a security guard uniform.

As officers tried to figure out the code to Samsudean's apartment, Duxbury asked, "Anything I could do to help you guys out?"

 Chief John Mina has previously said that Duxbury abused his position as a security guard to prey on someone vulnerable.  Investigators said they later found Duxbury's thumb print on the toilet, his sneaker soles matched partial prints at the crime scene, and polygraph test result showed a 1 percent chance that Duxbury was telling the truth.

Duxbury has pleaded not guilty to the charges.