New flotation rescue devices deployed at Cocoa Beach

Officials say the shore is a little safer today, thanks to new rescue tubes. They're emergency flotation devices that anyone can use to help someone who's drowning. Former lifeguard instructor Mike Rogers says you push the button to release the tube.

"Go and present the tube to the victim in the water by extending it to the victim, or by throwing it to the victim," Rogers explained.

He says don't put your own safety at risk in the process, though. "As a last resort, actually push it out to the person that is in a drowning situation," Rogers said.

Cocoa Beach is installing 35 tubes on its beaches. "This is an awesome thing for our beach, we have so many tourists and residents, I myself have almost drowned several times,  and its much need in our community," said Janet Hosmer, who lives in Cocoa Beach.

Rogers says only use the tubes in an emergency.

"If you see someone tampering with it or trying to take the life rescue equipment, the tube or the device call police, but also if you see someone taking it to use it, please call 911 and let them know that they need lifeguards and first responders to come assist," Rogers said.

Cocoa Beach is the first city using the rescue tubes. They'll be popping up along beaches nationwide, later this year.