New York resort group looking to hire Floridians willing to relocate

A New York resort group is in Orlando this week looking to hire 250 new employees. The Oneida Nation group is looking to make offers to Central Floridians for jobs at its resorts in central New York. Positions of all levels are up for grabs in food and beverage, hospitality and gaming.

The company says it is well aware of the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating impact on the local hospitality industry, so it’s here trying to offer locals some opportunity. The company hopes to put locals out of work to work.

“We were devastated of all the layoffs in the market and we thought, if there is a way that we can provide an opportunity to an individual or a family for a fresh start - you know new year, new career - to come on up and bring that great hospitality and professionalism to our properties, it would be a win-win,” said Kathy Dahlke, director of talent acquisition at Oneida Nation Enterprises.

The resort group is offering incentives that include relocation assistance and temporary housing. Jobs begin as early as January.

The group will be conducting interviews through December 4.

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