New Yorkers problem isn't with violence

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For some New Yorkers, the 'concrete jungle where dreams are made of' has become a bit of a nightmare. It has nothing to do with violent crimes, murders, rapes, or robberies, all of which have spiked up. The problem, they say, is in Times Square.

Yes, Times Square - where tourists flock to when they take a bite out of the Big Apple. It wasn't always this way.

Just a few decades ago, it was prime real estate for pimps, prostitutes, and peep shows. Until Rudy Giuliani came to power. As mayor, he cleaned out the rats and transformed it into a tourists paradise.

That's not today's problem, New Yorkers say.

The center of the city that never sleeps was a theme park - and it came complete with cartoon characters too! But they weren't always nice. One Elmo was arrested in front of a Toys R Us for an anit-semitic rant. An actor playing Cookie Monster shoved a two-year-old to the ground after the child's mother didn't tip. And Spidey? Spiderman got a little handsy and was arrested for groping two young ladies.

But that's STILL not today's problem.

So what's today's issue that has New Yorkers (including Batman) calling for a crackdown? The answer on the next Americans with Charlie LeDuff.