Orlando police identify mother who abandoned her three newborns

New developments in the case of three abandoned babies discovered at apartment doorsteps over the past four years. DNA proves all of them are related and on Wednesday, Orlando Police said they have identified the mother.

 Police said the mother hid those three pregnancies from the father and her family and even delivered the babies herself. Police say she abandoned them as an act of desperation, but because of the way she left them, she could be facing criminal charges.

"By the grace of God those babies were put into safe situations," said Lt. Frank Chisari.

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Dating back to 2016, a newborn was found at an Orange County apartment complex.

Then in 2017, a baby girl was found at the Willow Key Apartments in Metro West. Again, in 2019, a baby boy was found at the same apartment complex.

 "I just see the baby on the floor," Grace Izzaguirre said.

That time, there was a note saying the dad was dangerous.

"As far as we know the father is out of the picture, we do not know, we do not have an identity on the father at this time and that’s part of the ongoing investigation and not something we’re ready to discuss at this point," Chisari said.

 Orlando police detectives said they have been in communication with the mother since late November and learned she has several other children in her care.

 They said she is cooperating and are getting her the help she needs.

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"What we’re trying to do here is educate people so they don’t make the same decisions and mistakes that this mother made in leaving her child where she shouldn’t have left them," Chisari said.

Police said all three abandoned newborns are healthy and in loving homes.

For now, the Orlando Police Department said they are working with the State Attorney’s Office to determine what if any charges may be filed against the mother for abandoning three newborns.

Florida’s Safe Haven Law allows parents to legally surrender their newborns to a hospital or fire station to ensure a safe environment.

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