Tropical downpours to bring heavy rainfall, storms to Florida this week

Waves of showers and storms are anticipated over Central Florida in the coming days, although it won't rain continuously. 

Long periods of dry weather for several hours are possible, particularly in Central Florida. However, humidity levels will rise, and tropical moisture will become abundant. Highs on Tuesday will reach the mid-upper 80s over most of the region.


When it does rain, expect heavy downpours from scattered showers and storms. The highest likelihood of widespread rainfall will be on Wednesday and Thursday. Predicting exact rain amounts is challenging as they depend on storms' specific formation and movement. Nevertheless, most areas should receive several inches of rain, with isolated zones potentially seeing over six inches.


Southern and southwestern Florida, including areas around Fort Myers, may experience more than a foot of rain this week, with some isolated spots potentially exceeding 18 inches.

Rain chances will decrease to more typical afternoon showers after Friday, reducing the likelihood of all-day scattered activity.

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These gradually will grow heavier and become more scattered by 4 to 5 p.m. Those with the best chances of seeing rain and storms will be areas mainly south and east of the I-4 corridor.

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Looking ahead, daily showers and thunderstorm chances are in store for this week across Central Florida. With tropical moisture at play, a lot of much-needed rain is on the way, which hopefully will help reduce and lessen drought conditions throughout the state.

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A low-pressure system looks likely to bring a surge of tropical moisture into the Gulf of Mexico and spread to Florida. Tropical downpours will likely occur each day with increased potential for flooding by the end of the week. 

Models are coming together on where the highest rain totals, but for now a range of 2-6" seems like the sweet spot in Central Florida. 

A few isolated spots could see higher totals, especially for areas south of Orlando. We'll see a big change in temperatures this week as well. After today, highs will struggle to make it out of the 80s, with most days topping out in the mid to upper 80s.

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