Orlando Weather Forecast: Cooler temperatures, increased chance for rain across Central Florida

Tonight's low: 62 degrees | Tomorrow's high: 74 degrees

Main weather concerns: Orlando and Central Florida will see cooler temperatures and increased chances for rain through mid-week. Gusty winds will also be at play for coastal counties with dangerous, battering surf, rip currents, and beach erosion will.


BEACHES: Awful weather along the beaches today. Gusty winds, passing rain, and very dangerous surf zone conditions. Beach areas compromised by hurricanes Ian and Nicole will be especially at risk with the lack of dunes and seawalls. Tides will be rising high all morning, reaching a peak around 12pm today.


THEME PARKS: A cloudy day at the park with a gusty breeze. High will rise into the mid-70s, rain chances stand near 60% as showers blow by in the gusty breeze.

OUTLOOK: Rain chances ease a bit as we approach mid-week, only to increase again by late week. Low pressure will be lurking in the Gulf of Mexico during this time. Rain chances respond with an increase for Thursday and Friday, decreasing a bit by the weekend. Strong storms are not expected, just some additional beneficial rain.