Ormond Beach discouraging use of plastic items

City leaders in Satellite Beach voted unanimously on Wednesday night to pass an ordinance asking businesses and residents to stop using plastic drinking straws, plastic stir sticks and similar plastic items.

They say it's to work towards a cleaner and more safe beach, ocean and Indian River Lagoon.  

"If you ask, you make them part of the process rather than forcing them to do something, they'll buy in. we've got good buy in," said Mayor Frank Catino.  

Even before passing the resolution, the mayor says several local restaurants have already started changing their practices with straws.  Some have stopped handing them out to customers all together, others only give out straws upon request.  

"It's a start. we hope we can get other people to participate.​ We think the straw ordinance is an easy way to start being environmentally friendly," said Mayor Catino.