Owner distraught after pet Chihuahua taken

"Dreamy" the Chihuahua is all alone. 

Her sister, another teacup Chihuahua named "Creamy," was snatched by someone, according to John Dinkel, who said he witnessed the alleged dog napping.

"Some people opened the car door and were whistling and coaxing the dog to the vehicle.  A younger person got out, grabbed the dog, jumped back in and the light turned green," Dinkel explained, adding that they took off toward the beach. 

Dinkel is hoping the person who took "Creamy" just though she was a stray, but the dog's owner, Darby Barker, doesn't buy it. 

"Even if they thought that was a possibility, first thing, I would have pulled over," Barker said.  "They never pulled over.  They were in the street, snatched the dog and left."

It happened in the middle of rush hour on Thursday afternoon at Beach Motors, the used car lot where Barker works. 

"I don't have children.  Those are my children!" Barker said. 

The Chihuahua is just eight months old and valued at $1,500.  Barker said they are both like service dogs to him, as he is a disabled veteran.  He is hoping someone will see the news reports, have a heart, and return his dog. 

"I'm not mad at them.  I just want my animal back!"