Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine could stop spread of virus

In this photo illustration, a man holds a syringe with a fake Covid-19 vaccine with the Pfizer logo in the background. (Photo Illustration by Robin Utrecht/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Vaccines could not only stop you from getting COVID-19, they could stop you from spreading it.

One study in Israel found the Pfizer vaccine reduced asymptomatic cases by 89% and symptomatic cases by 94%. Another study found it reduced the spread of symptomatic COVID-19 by 85%.

The small country has already vaccinated about half of its population.

"They’re ahead of the game. They have half their population vaccinated, and the data coming from there is going to help the world. So, this is really a big deal and really, this report that’s coming out really is good news," said Dr. Jason Littleton, of Littleton Concierge Medicine.

The vaccine previously was proven to protect individuals from the virus but not necessarily stop the spread to others.

These studies still need to be peer-reviewed.