Pfizer to roll out half of originally planned vaccines due to supply-chain problems

In less than one week, Pfizer will go before the FDA for emergency approval of its COVID vaccine. However, officials say there's a new issue they are running into.

Pfizer says it cannot ship as many vaccines as it originally thought.

AdventHealth is one of the hospitals that will be getting coronavirus vaccines once they’re here, but Pfizer says that because of supply chain issues, the company may only be able to send out half of the doses it originally planned to.

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Pfizer originally planned to send out 100 million doses worldwide. Now the company says it will only be about to ship out half as much because of supply chain demand.

However, Pfizer says it still plans to roll out more than a billion doses in 2021.

Local pharmacies are gearing up for the day they receive coronavirus vaccines. A Lake Mary pharmacy bought a special freezer for the shots.

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"Didn’t want to take any chance to have everything that’s necessary but the storage. Without storage the vaccine it’s usable."

That pharmacy in Lake Mary is also adding extra staff to help make sure distributing the vaccine goes smoothly.

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