Florida couple's wedding shoot photobombed by SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launch

A pair of newlyweds were posing for photos in front of the historic Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine, Florida when an unexpected surprise appeared in the background – a SpaceX rocket.

Amy Vargo and Kevin Cohen were married last week in North Carolina. However, because they're front Tampa, they wanted to recreate their wedding. So, they retook their vows and dressed in the same wedding attire they wore on their special day. 

"We drove all around, took pictures and the last place we ended up was the fort," Cohen said. "And it just so happened to be that the shuttle was launching when we got there at sunset."

As the couple was posing, SpaceX was launching on of its rockets into space from Cape Canaveral – adding an explosive element to the couple's wedding photos.

Their photographer, Jennifer Juniper, posted a few of the snapshots on her business's Facebook page.

"Not QUITE ready to share the teaser gallery from this one... stay tuned for more amazing pictures on Monday! But I HAD to post these TOTALLY EPIC wedding portraits in front of the St. Augustine Castillo de San Marcos," Juniper wrote, calling it "truly a one in a lifetime experience."

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Credit: Jennifer Juniper Photography

Amy and Kevin said they had no idea a rocket launch was even happening until Vargo's sister mentioned it. 

"Normally they're late, or they always seem to get pushed off, half an hour, an hour, so we thought it would be over by then, but it was launched on time and fit perfectly with our setup," Cohen said. 

For Vargo, she said being able to take photos in front of the fort was the icing on the cake, but to have a launch, too, added something special.

 "I had no idea that was going to happen, it was very special and exciting," she said.