Pit bulls enter home, kill cat

A Cocoa woman was ticketed after her two pit bulls tore a screen to a patio and killed a pet cat, authorities say.  Animal Control officers took the two pit bulls away after the incident on Monday. 

Larry Koss owns the house where his tenant kept two cats in the lanai.

"I think it's outrageous, because the cats were inside the screened in porch. The cats weren't outside roaming the street," Koss says. 

Police say the two pit bulls somehow escaped from their home and traveled three miles to get to the home on Circle Drive. 

"They chased me, and the police officer and my dogs," says Cocoa Councilwoman Brenda Warner, who lives next door to the attack happened.  "I've never seen them before. I've no idea where they came from, but they're a little on the aggressive side."

Animal Control had to call police for backup because the dogs were so aggressive.  

Warner says, "Dogs don't normally scare me, but these were more aggressive than usual."

"I'm very disappointed in them, very very disappointed in them. They're bad. I hear them breathing," said the owner of the dogs, Jennifer Housenga.

Housenga says she isn't sure how the dogs, Jacob and Esau, got out of the yard.

"I don't care if I gotta come fix the lady's door and wall and whatever happened myself, and get her a new cat, because like I say, I can only imagine how she feels."

"She's with her family, cause she's so distraught," Koss says.  

Koss says the cat's owner told him one of her cats hid behind the washer, while her 15-year-old cat Thomas was killed.

"For these dogs to come in and bust through the screen, that's going way too far. People need to be responsible for their pets."

Police say the dogs were returned to their owner.