Police: Deadly stabbing after biker gangs clash

Daytona Beach Police are increasing patrols in the area where a known Outlaws Biker Gang member was stabbed to death Monday night. Police say just after 8 pm a fight broke out between two rival biker gangs inside the Crook's Den Bar.

Deputy Chief Jakari Young said, "We discovered a gentleman had been stabbed multiple times, he was located on a back patio."

Police said the victim of the stabbing is 59-year-old Christopher Keating, who goes by the name Louie the Lip.

The bar owner said a rival biker gang occasionally hangs out at the bar, and when a few members of the Outlaws showed up, it got tense.  Police say they have video of the surveillance but they aren't releasing it yet.

"You could see an altercation around the bar area and you can see him move toward the back of the bar," said Deputy Chief Young. 

The fight carried out into the back alley. That's when two women came running inside yelling for others to call 911.
Keating died at the hospital.

Witnesses said the suspect was seen driving off on a black motorcycle.