Police issue warning ahead of New Year's: Celebratory gunfire is illegal, dangerous

The Orlando Police Department is issuing a warning ahead of New Year's Eve.

Police Chief Orlando Rolón released a statement on Wednesday, explaining that "the top priority for the Orlando Police Department is always the safety and security of everyone in our community."

They encourage people to celebrate safely this year, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

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"We encourage virtual celebrations, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting our community with more than 330,000 American lives lost," Rolón said. "Should you go out to support our local businesses and restaurants, please wear a mask and practice social distancing."

Officers will reportedly patrol roadways for drivers who could be under the influence as well. Sober drivers or ride-sharing services are advised for those who decide to go out and drink on New Year's Eve.

Finally, Rolón also said that "we also would like to remind everyone of the dangerous and illegal practice of shooting their guns into the air, as they shoot off fireworks. Violators will be subject to arrests and fines."

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If you see any suspicious behavior, use any of the following resources to report it:

  • Call the local FBI field office at 813-253-1000
  • Call the Orlando Police Department’s non-emergency line at 321-235-5300
  • Call 911 for all emergencies

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