Police say mom beat up son's friend

A mother is charged with child abuse, after police say she beat up her son's playmate.

Tara Lancuski, 28, was jailed on a $1,000 bond, accused of slugging and choking an 11-year-old bo,y because she didn't approve of his language. 

Police say Lancuski placed her hands around the child's neck, then punched him in the stomach, all because the boy cursed in front of her own son.

"That makes no difference. You don't put your hands on a child," said Cindy Hartfiel, the victim's grandmother. 

She is furious that any adult would put their hands on her grandson.

"He had marks on his neck, a bruise here on his face and his nose. He said he was hit in the stomach by her. No reason for anybody to do that."

Police said the boy tried to escape on his skateboard, but it got stuck.

"He can barely talk, talks in a whisper like this, because of being choked," Hartfiel said. "It upsets me very much that an adult did this."

She added that her grandson is doing ok, but he is too shaken to leave his mother's side.

Lancuski is charged with child abuse.