Police say suspect stole car with child inside

A child in Daytona Beach had quite the ride on Monday morning, when she woke to find a thief driving her around.  It happened in the 800 block of White Court.

A woman who was picking up her niece to take her to school had parked in the driveway of a home, while her 12-year-old daughter slept in the back seat.  She said she went inside for just a few seconds, and when she came back out with her  niece,  the car and her daughter were gone.  

The woman called 911.  She told a dispatcher, "My daughter is in the back seat of the car. We didn't see anybody get in the vehicle."

Police said the suspect drove just a few blocks away, realized the girl was in the car, parked the car and took off running.  This was near the Eagle Park Apartments, just a few blocks from where the car was stolen.  

Police are now focusing on the suspect, described as black man in his early 20s, with a short Mohawk and gold teeth. If you have any information call Daytona Beach Police.