Probation for attackers of man who stopped turtle torture

Two men  accused of torturing a turtle and beating up a disabled Navy veteran were sentenced in Volusia County Monday.

Court officials say Johnnie Beveritt and Ryan Ponder are getting 18 of probation on charges of cruelty to animals and battery.  The incident happened in February near a pond in Daytona Beach.

Garry Blough says he spotted two men and a teenager hurting a turtle and asked them to leave it alone. He says they then attacked him.  Blough says he was badly injured and the healing process has been slow.

“We still got a bunch of medical bills,” he explained.

The veteran was in court to watch the case’s outcome Monday and says he wishes the suspects got a little more jail time. He says overall though, he’s happy to get some closure. 

“I’m so glad it’s over, I’m so glad it’s over,” Blough said. “It’s in the past and we need to move on. Try to get more information out there for everybody and stiffer penalties.”

Court officials say Beveritt and Ponder had their adjudications withheld, which means a judge did not formally convict them.

Ryan Ponder and Johnnie Beveritt were sentenced Monday to 18 months of probation.  The men had been charged with battery and animal cruelty.

Authorities say the men beat up Garry Blough when he tried to stop them from killing the turtle at an apartment complex in Daytona Beach, Florida last February.

Blough suffered a swollen eye and a bump on the back of his head.